Basic Training for general Productivity Software and Operating Systems.


Where you’re looking to brush up on productivity skills at the office, or general computing skills at home, Castro Computer Consulting is here to help you understand most software.  We can provide assistance for the learning following:

  • Windows / Mac / Linux operating systems
  • Microsoft Office Suite – Excel / Word / Outlook / Access
  • Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks, Outright, Wave Accounting, and other accounting software
  • Taxworks, ProSystems FX, Drake, and other tax software
  • Most common websites (Facebook / LinkedIn / Webmail / Etc)
  • File Sharing services (Dropbox /  Google Drive / SugarSync)
  • Backup Software (Mozy / Carbonite / CrashPlan)
  • All Phone systems (Windows / Android / BlackBerry / iOS)
  • Video Conferencing (WebEx, Google+, Facetime, Skype)
  • Basic website infrastructure (WordPress, CPanel, Drupal)
  • And many more

Please contact us about other services not on this list.  We’ll be happy to guide you through anything we can!